Our office at Kandahar Street is located in the heart of the historic district of Kampong Glam. Our neighbours are the Sultan Mosque, the Malay Heritage Centre and the many food outlets serving mouth-watering Malay, Indian, Thai, Mediterranean and Arabic cuisines. You may not find another location in Singapore rich in history yet brimming with so many halal eateries.

The Sultan mosque, regarded by many as Singapore’s unofficial ‘state mosque’ (masjid negara,) was once an integral part of Sultan Hussain Shah’s royal precinct or Kota Raja. Declared a preserved historical building in 1975, it is a principal place of worship for Muslims and attracts a considerable number of tourists as well as local students on National Education tours.

The Malay Heritage Centre or Taman Warisan was once the residence of the Sultan of Singapore. Restored and conserved at a cost of $17 million, it features the historical and socio-cultural development of the Malay community and showcases its arts, culture and artefacts. It aspires to be the focal point of Malay Heritage and the venue for Malay traditional performances and ceremonies.

Situated adjacent to Taman Warisan is Mamanda, once aptly called Gedung Kuning for its yellow-coloured façade. It is now a restaurant serving authentic Malay cuisines and a popular venue for Malay-Muslim weddings.

As a further affirmation of this gastronomic enclave, Kandahar Street is lined with food stalls every Ramadhan selling delicacies for Muslims to break their fast. Tourists and non-Muslims are also attracted by the lure of local food.

So what is a Travel Agency doing in this food and cultural oasis? The answer is obvious – as a Malay-Muslim establishment we deliberately chose to be situated in the heart of this historic precinct, to be in the midst of the exhilarating restoration of Kampong Glam into its rich historical and cultural past.

Besides, this area was once an important place of transit for pilgrims from around South East Asia. They left for their Haj onboard steamships from Singapore, then an important port of departure for pilgrims from the region. The value of this historical fact is especially significant for us, being the provider of services for Haj pilgrims today.

So when you come visit us, you also visit a part of historical Singapore, rich with a socio-cultural development of the Malay-Muslims of Singapore. And how can a true-blue Singaporean resist the lure of mouth-watering MAKAN?